Employee Benefits

Providing Benefits Packages that Attract Talent

Employees are the lifeline to every business. Whether it’s attracting prospective employees or retaining current employees, it is critical to offer competitive employee benefits. A strong benefit package will keep your workforce healthy and motivated which directly impacts your bottom line.

We Insurance has experience with every type of business, ranging from small family businesses to publically traded companies. Our familiarity with all types benefit packages allows us to deliver customized plans that stay within budget AND provide employees with the options they want.

Our specialization in employee benefits allows us to deliver benefit packages that are specifically tailored to your business’ needs. We can:

  • Explore group health insurance plans, carriers and products.
  • Ensure your business’ compliance with the ACA mandates.
  • Investigate supplemental benefits to eliminate coverage gaps.
  • Offer your employees retirement planning options, including 401k plans.
  • Construct complete benefits packages that have choice built in.

A Note on Health Insurance and the Affordable Care Act

As the Affordable Care Act (also known as “Obamacare”) begins to fully take effect, it is important that your business complies with the requirements and guidelines. We Insurance is an expert on ACA regulations and can help you to leverage all the options for finding employee benefits while preserving your bottom line.

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